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Back to school for 2013!

on August 30, 2013

Around the United States school bells are ringing once again as the Labor Day holiday marks the last days of freedom for most school page kids. Some parents are excited to see the school doors open while others dread what is to follow. With school comes anxiety and frustrations which make life a living nightmare for some children with hidden disabilities such as ADHD and learning challenges.

Just some tips to help make the year start on a positive note. Always make time to listen to your child. Even a brief conversation let’s your child know you care. Make it a policy you can check the book bag. When dealing with kids with ADHD, it is a given they will forget to give you important notes and homework. With the policy of mom or dad checking the book bag it reduces the frustrations. It also encourages children to start taking the initiative to start giving you stuff to avoid the book bag search.  On some occasions, slip a nice note of encouragement to your child. Nothing embarrassing, just a little note of encouragement or acknowledging a proud moment.

If the teacher/s use the internet to post grades or assignments, be active in checking these sites from time to time. For your information, these sites have loggers so teachers and administrators can see how active you are in checking on your child. This does make a difference when you attend conferences and other meeting about your child. Also, technology doesn’t lie or forget so do not try to say you did when you didn’t. Your child will know. Despite how much staff try not to be vocal about opinions, if you are not keeping up with the options the school provides more often than not they will let your child know.

Lots of great information on Creative Tidal Wave about learning solutions. Check back over previous blogs on focusing ideas, behavior management, and communication. If you have a certain situation you wish to find solutions for, please send me a message and I will address it a blog.

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