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I can’t, my ears don’t match

on August 9, 2014

It is true, my ears do not match. One is pointed. I must have faery blood somewhere in my family. The other is… well, I think I must have troll blood in me as well. It has been a life long issue. The first thing my husband did after my children made their grand entrance in this world was check their ears. I can report neither has my ears. I feel sure he would have scheduled plastic surgery that very moment to have something done.

The school bells are ringing along with the cruel words and actions of bullies. It might not be mismatched ears but each of us has something we are taunted about. I remember not wanting to go to school on days my mom made me wear my hair up in a ponytail. I would get sick. I would find every excuse to not go. I would take the pony tail down wearing mess hair just so my ears were not exposed. Those days still haunt me. The bullying which wasn’t handled well caused a life long self-esteem problem.

Let’s change the attitude. I am. Yes, they are an odd pair, the faery and troll ears I am blessed with, but they make me unique. The media has warped our sense of beauty and has created a false illusion for the need for visual perfection based upon unrealistic models which are enhanced. We allow bullying, in fact it has become a way of life. Stop the cycle now. Teach your kids not to judge or make fun of folks due to outward differences. Appearances fade but a good heart stays true to the end. If you must judge a person, do so by their actions not appearances. Being unique is not a bad thing. I am now embracing my inner faery, though I am told I have troll moments when angry. Now if I can just get those faery wings to grow.


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