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Was always a huge fan of word walls as a student. Despite what some might think there are times, mostly in school, I was at a loss for words. Word walls helped me to collect my thoughts to focus on the topic. I still use word walls. Now they say more about my feelings and direction I wish to focus on as I move forward. I metal mess cube sits upon my desk. It is filled with an assortment of magnetic words. I collect them. When I get stuck or hit a road block in thinking I start moving my words around the cube. One side might be negatives while another reflects my current state of mind yet another side filled with aspiring dreams and emotions I want to experience. There are endless possibilities of sorting through the words. It also frees my mind of actually stating the words I feel. Sometimes it is hard to say the words. It is so much easier to pick and chose them to create a visual which reflects that which I cannot admit or say out loud. There is power in the words, even unspoken onesword wall.

What would your word wall say about your thoughts?

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Getting the Purple Paperclip

So what’s up with purple paperclips? How often do you see them? To be honest, it is bigger than just purple paperclips though there is something very special about those.

What is a paperclip? By definition it is a bent metal object which holds things, particularly papers together. I focus on the, “holds things together” part.  During legal meetings it is easy to “fall apart” emotionally. One might lose their edge needed to make a point or reflect upon the subject being discussed. The likelihood of seeing paperclips in legal meetings is high. Staples are not often used because they mess up the corners of the papers, and it is much easier to pass papers around when not stapled. Paperclips are just so much better for legal and high-end meetings for paperwork. I use the visualization of paperclips to symbolically to remind my clients to breath, they are not alone, and that they are happy reminders to maintaining balance. When a paperclip appears it is a positive mental reminder of things we have discussed.  There are many other uses of paperclips in my practice, this is just one.

Now for the purple paperclip, it has a meaning. When you see a purple paperclip it means wealth and prosperity are heading your way. I know, it is an old fortune teller’s thing but just seeing one reminds me to keep focused. To not let frustrations and challenges get me down, forward thinking and a positive attitude bring wealth and prosperity. Creative Tidal Wave uses the purple paperclip as a symbol of how the principles and alternates presented can bring a positive impact to businesses. Positive bosses create positive employees which present positive atmospheres to clients creating a productive and prosperous business environment. This moves the business from a negative to a positive in many ways.

What objects remind you of positive thoughts when they mysteriously appear?

Find the purple paperclip

Find the purple paperclip

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I’m Blue…uh, No, I’m Yellow…AACHOOO!!

A parody of Eiffel 65’s “I’m Blue” abbreviated.


I’m Yellow… AA AA AA choo AAchoo AACHOO aa aa aa aachoo

Yo listen up, here’s a story about a girl that lives in a pollen yellow world

And all day and all night, and everything she sees is covered in pollen just like her

Inside and outside

Yellow is her house with pollen colored windows and a yellow is her dog until he shakes it off too

And everything is yellow for her and herself and all things around her, it is a yellow mess

Cause she ain’t got no relief but sneezing and sniffles, aachoo!

I’m Yellow… aa AA AACHOO Aa Aa AACHoo, AA AA AACHOO!!

I have a yellow house with yellow on my windows

Yellow is a color I chose not to wear

Yellow are the streets and the trees are so too

I have a cat and she is yellow now too

Yellow are the people and I hear it in their AACHOO’s

Yellow like my Scion xB, oh but it suppose to be yellow, metallic gold is true

Yellow, oh it has my eyes watering and it is in my brain and thinking

Yellow are the allergies that live inside of me





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