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The Positive Impact of The Theater

The arts are healing. They carry the power to influence within a safe environment without taking on a permanent change.

Theater allows words and action of situations to come to life for a brief moment. We get to glimpse into another world from the safe distance of our seats. We are not required to engage at the moment, just listen and watch. We are voyagers privy to a peak into lives and worlds beyond our own. We leave pondering what we have witnessed. Some words and action might impact our lives while others are lost in the mental files of our minds.

What does a theater program offer besides the pleasure of attending? Community and school theater programs offer the opportunity to explore emotions, places and lives not our own. Improv companies allow people to step outside their limited thinking to explore responses to touchy subjects and emotions via comedy. Theater offers opportunities to role play situations before they actually happen in our lives to develop a better understand of our own responses. In some ways, role playing can be an agent for change. We can “walk a mile in someone’s shoes” via the theater. We can step outside of our being to experience a life of pain and sorrow, joy and ridiculous antics, within a safety zone without worry we might be labeled.

A shy child can develop social skills from exposure to the theater. The theater enhances reading skills in dyslexic people. Proof of this? Look how many actors and actresses are coming out about their dyslexia. If you have a change, check out Henry Winkler’s life story dealing with his GIFT of dyslexia. Being involved in plays can help an angry child learn control by being involved in theater games to prep the mind. Theater which includes dancing and singing helps children and adults to develop coordination and lung development in asthmatics. Singing, dancing, and acting, known as the triple threat hosts so many benefits. Theater, beyond the stage has unlimited possibilities for positive outcomes  for business, life and relationships.

You do not have to be an actor to enjoy being involved in the theater. Creatives are what make the performers look good, especially if not the best on stage. Costume designers, set creators, lighting specialist, musicians, make-up artist, dance instructors, voice coaches, graphic designers, technical support, and stage managers can make or break a production. There is a place for everyone in the theater arts. You can learn the trades and ways while actively working on a performance.

Quiet artist come alive while exposed to the actors and others behind the scenes. Lots of laughs and tears to be shed. Lessons learned dealing with deadlines and those sorts called directors, are life long skills we all need. The plus in the theater it is short lived and you can move on all the wiser. I cannot begin to list all the benefits of being involved in the theater arts as a game changer in life.

Support the theater arts in your community and schools. Become involved with local productions. Go see professional productions to gain insight into other worlds an cultures as well as explore emotionally difficult situations from a safe distance. Just go and be involved any way you can.


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Time travel

Cover of "Somewhere in Time (Collector's ...

Cover of Somewhere in Time (Collector’s Edition)

Ever look at the coins in your pocket and noticed the date? Did your mind wander back to that time in your life? 1978 – what a year! Started high school and discovered the wonders of grown up movies; in marched chick flicks. Not sure if that was the worse thing that ever happened to me or the best. My first was Superman. Some may argue about that being a chick flick but in my book it was the most romantic movie I had ever seen. Christopher Reeves set the bar high. Then there was If Ever I See You Again, a hope that if I lost a love then may be I could find him again. That was reinforced by the 1980’s movie, Somewhere In Time. Again, another Christopher Reeves delight. There were several more but those are the ones I recall with a smile and a blush.

That was also the year of my first love. One never forgets that first guy who stole your heart. Must admit the Christopher Reeves theme was weighing in, I only dated guys with dark hair. This started a bad labeling of the guys by my dad;” tall dark and ugly,” ” tall dark and talented,” ” tall dark and athletic,” and lastly,” tall dark and he has to go!” I pray none of them will read this because I would hate to admit which was which.

We all have those memories that are often forgotten until there is a small unexpected memory jolt. For a brief moment I was that freshman feeling so grown up yet still scared to death that now I was in the adult world of high school. Yes, at that moment I did think I was all grown up. HA!!Sometimes we need those escapes back to help us become more in touch with ourselves. I remembered the dreams, the frustrations and the heart breaks of that year and then some. Looking back helped me to see how far I have come. Yet it also brought back some forgotten dreams. Have I accomplished those of that wide-eyed teen girl of 15? Surprisingly, I am finally getting around to some of those. Has taken me long enough but still I am making those happen.

Pick up a coin, any one will do. Look at the date. What were you doing during that year? What were your dreams? What influenced your life? Now leap forward to the present day, how is it different?  Have fun time traveling via a pocket full of change. Never know what past events might trigger thoughts and ponderings. Hmmm, I wonder what “tall  dark and he has to go!”  is doing now?

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