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Blast of chocolate cures a zombie attack at the workplace

It is true, I see zombies. They are everywhere! Doesn’t matter what time of the day… ZOMBIES!!!

Where are these zombies you ask? The important thing is to identify them. According to some resources, a zombie is a person who is lacking emotion, rote in behavior, automated in actions, controlled,  or without a will of their own. Think about that one a minute. How many zombies have you seen lately?

How many people you know have fallen into zombie like behavior? They go to work everyday without a voice, controlled by rote actions lacking the will to seek to better themselves or their situation. The movie, Antz , is a great example of zombie like behavior in the masses. No one steps out, no hopes or dreams just status quo for a life style.

Who creates zombies? My theory is bullies. People lose their will and become drones when in environments which all hope is taken from them. A place where team work and innovation are frowned upon; negative threats are the norm. Fear causes uprises.They turn upon their own kind resulting in “man-eating” behaviors in the work place. This horrid behavior  is often rewarded by zombie masters or bullies in the workplace.

To release a modern-day zombie you first must remove the fear and negative from the environment. The cure doesn’t come quickly because trust must be earned. But when the positive pours in and team work is encouraged, the zombies disappear. Productivity and creativity rises from the ashes as well as a revival of the spirit to achieve goals for the greater good instead of dwelling in the quagmire of despair.

Are you a zombie? Are your workers zombies? Are you a zombie master? Take a look around the office, is it infected with zombies? Take a stand, spread the cure!Watch Antz, be Z and start a new trend to spread some positive to break the spell of the Zombie Nation in the work place. Just a single random act of kindness or taking a stand when the bully master starts the wild whip of negative words. What do you stand for? Rise above and live! Don’t give in and become a zombie! Life is too short to spend the day in a zombie world. Be creative, be alive, be kind… just be!!

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