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In honor of the late Stephen Covey…

Sarcasm aside, Stephen Covey should have written a book with the abovementioned title. Not that he failed spectacularly as a father, but because people tend to more readily grasp what doesn’t work, as opposed to what does. Like tightrope walking, for instance—without a net. In a practical sense, Seven Habits would’ve been an invaluable guide for parents, highlighting the antithesis of good advice as it relates to the uncertain nature of raising children. Countless individuals, myself included, could’ve then avoided seven of the biggest pitfalls of child rearing—all of which I’ve shamelessly embraced since the advent of motherhood. So in the true spirit of generosity and irreverence, I’ve compiled a list of that which you would do well to eschew.

1)   STOCKPILE EXACTLY NOTHING IN YOUR DISCIPLINARY ARSENAL, rendering you categorically ineffective (read: utterly deplorable) when it comes to dealing with ill-mannered children…

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Pecking order in the hen house

Now listen up, Ladies!

Sometimes you just snap a photo that reminds you of your daily life. Seems I have been here before. If you have a bit of a background in the “Rules and Order of the Hen House,” I think you will find the humor without much said. Behavioral scientist have noted there is a relationship between the “pecking order” in chickens and human behavior. Notice which hen has the fullest feathers and you will find the highest in the order. She is allowed to peck at any hen without retaliation. As you look about, notice who has the least amount of feathers. Wonder who “took the feather out of her cap?” Those with the best perches and nesting boxes are generally located the furthermost from the possible entry of a predator. (Where is your roost/nesting box/cubical?) Removing a hen from the flock for just one day and the “pecking order” must be reestablished. Yes, ladies, the fight for the top starts all over. Is your office a chicken coop? Where are you on the “pecking order?” Do you really want your office place to resemble a hen-house?

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Midnight Madness

Tybee Island, GA

Tybee Island, GA (Photo credit: .:[ Melissa ]:.)

Why is it that awesome ideas hit me in the middle of the night? Not that I am complaining because some of my most successful creations have developed from a midnight jolt. A journal awaits on the nightstand for moments like this. It is filled with notations and minute sketches from rude awakenings that ping inside me head in the wee hours of the morning.

Look for things that create creative surges. Without a doubt, any visit to Tybee Island will bring about a sleepless night filled with magical thoughts. Nothing like an ocean breeze to stir the dendrites!

When to you have your moments of great inspiration? Do you keep a journal of all those ideas and ponderings? Take note of when those moments happen and key into the dreams and creative creations. Some awesome inventions and great artistic works came from a late night brain surge.

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I see ZOMBIES!!.

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Blast of chocolate cures a zombie attack at the workplace

It is true, I see zombies. They are everywhere! Doesn’t matter what time of the day… ZOMBIES!!!

Where are these zombies you ask? The important thing is to identify them. According to some resources, a zombie is a person who is lacking emotion, rote in behavior, automated in actions, controlled,  or without a will of their own. Think about that one a minute. How many zombies have you seen lately?

How many people you know have fallen into zombie like behavior? They go to work everyday without a voice, controlled by rote actions lacking the will to seek to better themselves or their situation. The movie, Antz , is a great example of zombie like behavior in the masses. No one steps out, no hopes or dreams just status quo for a life style.

Who creates zombies? My theory is bullies. People lose their will and become drones when in environments which all hope is taken from them. A place where team work and innovation are frowned upon; negative threats are the norm. Fear causes uprises.They turn upon their own kind resulting in “man-eating” behaviors in the work place. This horrid behavior  is often rewarded by zombie masters or bullies in the workplace.

To release a modern-day zombie you first must remove the fear and negative from the environment. The cure doesn’t come quickly because trust must be earned. But when the positive pours in and team work is encouraged, the zombies disappear. Productivity and creativity rises from the ashes as well as a revival of the spirit to achieve goals for the greater good instead of dwelling in the quagmire of despair.

Are you a zombie? Are your workers zombies? Are you a zombie master? Take a look around the office, is it infected with zombies? Take a stand, spread the cure!Watch Antz, be Z and start a new trend to spread some positive to break the spell of the Zombie Nation in the work place. Just a single random act of kindness or taking a stand when the bully master starts the wild whip of negative words. What do you stand for? Rise above and live! Don’t give in and become a zombie! Life is too short to spend the day in a zombie world. Be creative, be alive, be kind… just be!!

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Behind the mask

As kids we loved to wear masks because then we could be anyone we wanted to be. We developed super powers and no one could bring us down. It didn’t matter if we had challenges because in our minds we were free to be that wonder we kept locked deep inside.

You don’t have to wear a mask to have super powers. No special cape or electronic device to switch them on. You just have to believe in yourself. Turn off the inner critic and take that leap. If a cape helps, then grab it. Sometimes we all need a security blanket. Find that inner kid who believed he could fly and change it up to take on a task you felt you couldn’t do. If you are a movie buff who likes the Marvel and DC comic movies such as Spiderman and Batman, you will notice that even super heroes, mask or no mask, make mistakes. But what makes then different, they believe in themselves and find another why to keep after their task. So if you must, don the cape and mask! Just believe and make those dreams come true. Image

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Be afraid, be very, very afraid!

The autopilot look

If you have a cat then you know this look. Within a few seconds something will happen, no doubt. Been a cat person all of my life so I have learned a thing or two over the years. Movement + response= reaction , I believe that is the formula for cats. If it moves they cannot help but react, then comes the reaction usually from some unexpecting human whose fingers or toes were tapping which means the cat couldn’t refuse the response to go at it. The reaction, a scream or some tears causing a definitely retreat from the cat. But when you get right down to it, the cat cannot stop the auto pilot response which was built-in to the nature of being a cat. ADHD is a bit like that. If it has the potential to be played with then it is almost impossible to resist the urge. It is the auto pilot kicking in. Can it be stopped? Yes, it can but it takes some conditioning and time. First it takes identifying what triggers the auto pilot to kick in. Next, it helps to remove those triggers, of possible while starting the process to not go to auto pilot status. Once aware, try to substitute an acceptable distractor to mislead the auto pilot reaction. Sit back and watch a cat in action. Not the look then the auto pilot kick in to pounce. See if you can interrupt the cycle. Yes, it can be done but you must have stealth moves, especially with a cat. Take note, even kids and adults with ADHD have a look right before the “pounce.” For the record, there was a camera/paw exchange in the taking of the picture; both parties survived the POUNCE!

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Tiny house full of big dreams

‘ Tiny house designed by Jim Franklin

‘I may be little but I can do big things!’ a quote from A Bug’s Life by Disney from Dot, the tiny princess. Love to see the impossible become possible. If you look at the word “impossible” you can actually break it down to ” I’m possible.” Time to change your thinking into dreaming then to reality. My nephew was in his early teens when he built this “cabin of dreams” in the back yard. He has become an impressive carpenter as a young adult. If he had feared using the saws and let the challenges stop him then he would not be living out his passion. Do not allow the frustrations of challenges hold you back from your dreams. Start small. Anticipate some set backs as lessons instead of an excuse to quit.  Enlist help when needed. Keep pushing yourself when you are tired and lack motivation, the rewards are worth it. Bury the inner critic and don your hammer, pen, paint brush, etc. and start creating those things you once dreamed of doing. If you don’t start you will never know what you can do and who knows it could lead to greater things!

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Sweet tea, watermelons, potato salad, and bar-b-que with a dash of fireworks!

Fireworks, friends, family, fellowship, and food, what an awesome way to celebrate!  Nothing like the  Fourth of July in the south! It is a sensory delight to the eyes, ears, and taste buds. It is a day of colorful flags,parades, loud music, outdoor games, and lots of friends and family around to enjoy the festivities. A time to let off steam and truly enjoy a day of freedom to do in whatever fashion and tradition has been passed on over the years.

We all need more Fourth of July’s in our lives. Time to unwind with those we enjoy. Holidays can be overwhelming but they are the foundation of our culture which defines who we are and where we have come from. Find pleasure and pride in the prep, the excitement in the moment of the event, and in the closure. Cleaning up can be just as rewarding if you focus on the memories. Find the positive and the memories, dwell there so they will be “on file” for those moments when life gets frustrating. Laughter is a great stress reliever as well as an “upper”Image when times are tough. May your Fourth be filled with happy memories for many tomorrows.

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Getting Sassy!!!

Getting Sassy!!!.